Getting access to quality products is a basic right for every consumer!

– HomeSet Team

Our Story

It all started in 1980! A young ambitious teenage boy got inspired to start his own business while roaming through the busy markets of an Indian town during a weekend.

Fast forward to 40 years, he is running a home and kitchen appliance wholesale dealership in Trivandrum, Kerala. And that passionate person is none other than my father!

Throughout my life, I have seen home and kitchen appliances more than anything else! I’ve seen people around us often ask doubts about choosing a new appliance for their home to my dad. It shows people always want to research before buying a new appliance and that inspired me to create this venture HomeSet.

We deliver appliances to many small retailers in our town, so it’s not a big deal for us to find out what sells and what not. Also, we get real reviews from the customers who are actually using, that’s a huge plus point according to me.

Over the time, HomeSet evolved in to a full fledged business with a dedicated research team lead by myself to conduct real life consumer analysis and a panel of experts lead by my father to finalize the decisions.

How we curate lists?

When we decide to write a new article, the research team starts the work from Indian e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall and TataCliq to see which all models attract buyers.

Then a base list will be created with models based on the number of recent positive reviews.

We never consider reviews that are more than one and a half years, because it’s too old compared to how fast technology changes.

Then the list will be given to the panel of experts lead by my father for a scrutiny. Looking at the features and brand reputation they re-arranges the list giving priority to some models over the other.

Also, few models will be excluded from the list, if it’s features seems to be a gimmick rather than useful.

Then we contact our retail partners to check whether these models are currently available, because we don’t want to disappoint our readers with outdated products that are not readily available.

As the next step, if the product is available at the store we’ll quickly go through the product to check the physical parameters like ergonomics, weight, etc to make the review as honest and legit as possible.

Then with the help of our retail partners, we do a consumer outreach to get the real-life reviews of the product.

And, this is how each and every article at HomeSet and its subsidiaries are written.

Getting access to quality products is a basic right for every consumer! We try our best to help you achieve this.

On average, every article in HomeSet and its subsidiaries takes about 1 to 3 weeks of research depending on the number of products on the list.

It’s not an easy task, we know. But we consider this as a business with great potential.

And, we never make compromises in the quality of articles in any situations! Because, trust is the basic foundation of any business. We will never tamper any information that makes our readers loose trust.

We believe, purchasing new things for you or your home is always a happy feeling, So we wish you a Happy Shopping Experience.

With love,

HomeSet Team