Best 43 Inch Smart TV In India

Top 5 Best 43 Inch Smart TV In India (Updated 2022)

Looking for the best 43 inch smart TV in India? Well, you’ve come to the correct place.

It’s frustrating to select the perfect TV for your home from the hundreds of different models from different brands that are available for sale. 

But don’t worry! We’ve narrowed down the hundreds of results to a list of 10 best 43 inch smart TVs in India which give the best quality for your money.

To recommend the absolute best products, we researched, analysed and tested a total of 21 different 43 inch smart TVs that are currently available in Indian market. 

To ensure a proper ranking we used multiple factors like picture quality, sound quality, design, build quality, ports, connectivity, operating system and price. Also, we gave importance to customer reviews from multiple e-commerce platforms and consumer review platforms to make our review genuine and trustworthy.

Check out all the models that impressed us in the below table and to see a detailed review of each of these models, simply click on the corresponding names.

Best 43 Inch Smart TV In India

NoModel Name
1Sony Bravia KD-43X74Check Price
2Acer AR43AP2851UDFLCheck Price
3Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EICheck Price
4Samsung UA43AUE60AKLXLCheck Price
5Sanyo Kaizen XT-43UHD4SCheck Price

Different TVs are made for different types of people. So it is always advised to read a Smart TV Buying Guide before purchasing a new one. It is better to spend a few minutes on research rather than feeling guilty after purchasing the wrong product.

If you have decided a budget for your TV, then it is advised to read budget specific articles that contains TVs tailor made for your preferences.

If you can extend your budget a little more, you can get a massive 55 inch TV for a more immersive experience. Check out the article on best 55 inch TV in India to see available options.

Nowadays TVs became so slim that many manufacturers are not placing high quality audio speakers inside the TV. It is advisable to buy the best soundbar on your budget so that you get an unmatched audio experience.

Now, let’s have a detailed review on each of those models from our list of the best 43 inch smart TV in India so that you can easily decide whether it suits your needs or not.

1. Sony Bravia KD-43X74

Sony is considered to be one of the legends in the TV industry all over the world with their multiple decades of expertise . Sony, along with Samsung and LG shares almost 90 percent of India’s premium TV market.

If you have a budget in the range of 50K INR, then Sony Bravia KD-43X74 is the best you can buy for the money. It’s spectacular display combined with Android TV OS and stellar dolby audio gives you the best immersive TV viewing experience.

Have a look at the basic specifications of Sony BraviaSony Bravia KD-43X74 before going deep into the features and benefits.

What are the Specifications of Sony Bravia KD-43X74?

Screen Size43 Inch (108 cm)
Resolution4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Inbuilt Storage16 GB
Operating SystemAndroid TV
Refresh Rate50 Hz
Display TechnologyLED
HDR SupportHDR10, HLG
Image Contrast Ratio40000:1
Audio Output20 Watts
HDMI Ports3
USB Ports2

How’s the Display & Picture Quality of Sony Bravia KD-43X74?

Sony TVs are known for its supreme picture quality and this model is not an exception. It has a 4K UHD display panel with maximum 3840 x 2160 resolution

Sony’s powerful premium X1 4K processing engine uses advanced AI algorithms to cut noise and boost the overall details in the picture to produce a stellar image quality in 4K resolution.

Not just native 4K content, even full HD or HD content looks superior in this TV because of the powerful upscaling done with the help of 4K X-Reality Pro algorithm. Sony’s upscaling algorithm is considered to be one of the best in the industry by TV experts.

Also, this TV is compatible with 4K HDR and HLG contents which provide a visual treat to the eyes of the viewer because of the higher dynamic range equivalent to the cinema cameras. 

The triluminos display powered by X1 processors analyses and processes data in every image to reproduce best natural looking colours to make the image closer to reality.

One of the important parameters to test a display’s quality is to analyse its capability to produce clear fast moving scenes. With 50 Hz refresh rate and a special algorithm Motion Flow XR, this TV produces smooth and sharp images with crystal clear details and colours even during fast paced action sequences.

Overall, this TV scores very high in display and image quality. There is no better TV in this price range that offers a similar level of picture viewing experience.

How’s the Audio & Sound of Sony Bravia KD-43X74?

Similar to picture quality, audio is also a cakewalk for Sony considering it’s decades of expertise in the audio industry starting from the iconic walkman. 

This TV comes with a Bass Reflex speaker system that produces an impressive low end sound that’s perfect for cinema, TV series, action sports and music listening.

The isolated box design with two 10 W speakers ensures highly efficient audio reproduction and delivers punchy bass without compromising detail and audio clarity.

The S-Force Front Surround sound technology produces high-fidelity, rich audio across a wider area which is a treat for those who play intuitive games on TV. 

Other software enhances include Clear Audio+, Dolby Sound and Clear Phase algorithm which helps in producing natural and smooth audio in all frequencies.

How’s the Operating System performance of Sony Bravia KD-43X74?

Sony was the first big brand to choose Google’s Android TV platform even from the early days of Android TV OS. And when we analyse the earlier versions to latest ones, the user experience has improved drastically.

As of 2021, Android TV is not the best OS for TVs compared to linux based systems used in other brands, but there is a clear future for Android TV since it is owned by Google.

There are many advantages for choosing a TV with Android OS including frequent updates and enhancements provided directly by Google. 

Also, Play Store is owned by Google and currently it has a collection of 5000+ apps, the largest ever for a TV which you can choose from.

The TV comes with a host of pre-installed applications including YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, etc to give you a head start in experiencing Android OS. Also, the TV remote has quick access buttons for both YouTube and Netflix.

Android TV also offers a full voice search feature with the introduction of Google Assistant in their latest version updates. Also, built in chromecast helps you to stream your smartphone content directly on TV without any connection hustle.

How’s the Design & Build Quality of Sony Bravia KD-43X74?

The minimalist design of this TV makes it a delight to our eyes. You can either wall mount or place it in a table top according to your needs. Either way, the TV improves the overall look and feel of your room.

The entire chassis of the TV is made up of high quality plastics and metal frames that increases overall durability. The slim blade stand has provision to hide the cables so that it won’t affect the overall aesthetics of the room.

You don’t need a stabilizer for this TV because of the presence of inbuilt X-Protection Pro, which provides ultimate protection from voltage fluctuations, lightning, dust and humidity.

What are the Positives of Sony Bravia KD-43X74?

  • Stunning picture quality in 4K
  • Upscaled content looks very clear
  • Puchy audio
  • Wide collection of applications
  • Quick access for Netflix and Prime Video
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Excellent build quality
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Extended warranty available

What are the Negatives of Sony Bravia KD-43X74?

  • Expensive
  • Sluggish Android TV OS at times
  • Outdated remote design

Verdict: Should you buy Sony Bravia KD-43X74?

Overall,Sony Bravia KD-43X74 provides a stunning picture quality combined with punchy audio, 4K HDR processing and 5000+ applications via Android TV play store.

If you have a budget in the range of 50K INR, this is the best 43 inch smart TV you can buy right now in India.

2.Acer AR43AP2851UDFL

Acer AR43AP2851UDFL

Acer is the newest entrant in the Indian smart TV market. After having a good market share in laptops and monitors they are trying to gain something from the massive budget conscious smart tv market of India.

After testing Acer AR43AP2851UDFL, we’re pretty confident that Acer will make a dent on some of the budget brands that are currently ruling the market.

With an excellent bezel-less design, Acer AR43AP2851UDFL has all the features that you expect in a smart tv in this price range. These include, 4K UHD A+ grade panel, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Audio, etc.

Let’s have deeper insights of the model by analyzing their features and benefits.


Screen Size55 Inch
ResolutionUHD (3840×2160)
RAM / Storage2GB / 16GB
Operating SystemAndroid 9.0 Pie
DolbyDolby Audio
Sound Output24W
Warranty1 Year

Display & Image Quality

AcerAR43AP2851UDFL features an amazing A+ grade 55 inch LED display panel that can play videos with a maximum resolution of 4K UHD at 60Hz refresh rate.

The display has a rated maximum brightness of 420 nits which is excellent when compared to all the 300 nits models from other brands. The display is very bright and you can easily view content even in a brightly lit room.

The display has a contrast ratio of 5000:1, which is not great, but most of the LED panels in this price range are similar.

Just like any other budget TV, the LED panel is excellent when you play native 4K videos from Netflix or YouTube. Thanks to the HDR support, both HLG and HDR10+ rated contents look phenomenal in this display.

Since the image contrast ratio of the display is not that great, they are trying to display darker scenes better with micro dimming technology and to an extent it’s working. But still, a display with better contrast ratio will outrank this one within no time.

As I already said, the display has a refresh rate of 60Hz. 60Hz is good, but for fast moving scenes and sports, it is not adequate. To compensate for dropped frames and reduce jitter, an Intelligent Frame Stabilization algorithm is employed. It analyzes each scene frame by frame and pixel by pixel.

Just like any other brand, AcerAR43AP2851UDFL struggles in upscaling SD content whereas HD to 4K is relatively good.

Speaker & Audio Quality

AcerAR43AP2851UDFL comes with an internal bottom firing 12W x 2 speakers that delivers a combined 24W RMS sound output which is quite similar to all other models in this list of best 55 inch tv in india under 40000.

The audio quality is fabulous with crisp and punchy sound. You probably don’t need a soundbar unless you want proper surround sound.

The speaker configuration is based on the Dolby Audio setup. Along with Dolby Audio, the Pure Sound 2.0, AcerAR43AP2851UDFL can deliver a decent virtual surround sound experience. But for this to work, you must play content that has Dolby Audio.

Hardware & OS

The motherboard in AcerAR43AP2851UDFL comes with a 64-bit quad core processor. 

In order to provide smooth animations and user experience, the processor is coupled with a Mali 470 x 3 graphics processor and 2GB of fast RAM.

The firmware including OS is installed on the 16GB internal storage. Out of that 16, you’ll be left with around 10GB of space for storing music, photos and videos for offline usage.

Just like other budget brands in this space, Acer is also using Google’s Android TV platform as the operating system. It also comes with the Android version 9.0 Pie which is a kind of bummer in the age of Android 11, but you may probably get a firmware update in the near future.

With the Android TV, you get access to the Google Play ecosystem with everything you need from Google Play Music to Google Books. The smart features like inbuilt chromecast, google assistant voice control, etc are also present.

Ports, Connectivity & Remote

Since Acer is more of a laptop brand than TV, they know the importance of ports and connectivity options.

And, they’ve packed all the essential ports you ever need in a modern TV. It includes 3 HDMI, 1 USB, AV and the basic optical and RF ports. HDMI1 is eARC compatible, so you can connect with a soundbar and control both devices using a single remote.

On the wireless front, it offers both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Following the trend, Acer is also shipping a simple remote control without number keys. One click quick access keys are provided for streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and TikiLive.

Also, a dedicated Google Assistant button is provided in the remote, so that you can activate voice search very conveniently.

What We Like

  • Grade A+ 4K UHD panel
  • Dolby Audio
  • HDR10+ and HLG support
  • 2 GB RAM & 16GB internal storage
  • Android TV 9.0 with Chromecast
  • 3 HDMI & 2 USB port
  • Good build quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Upscaling could’ve been better
  • Average build quality

Verdict: Should you buy AcerAR43AP2851UDFL?

If you are comfortable in purchasing a new brand, then you should definitely go ahead and purchase the new Acer Boundless series of TVs. With a near bezel-less design, AcerAR43AP2851UDFL is one of the best 43 inch 4k TV in India on a reasonable budget.

3. Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI

Not everyone has the money to buy premium models mentioned above. Similar to how Mi revolutionized the smartphone industry in India, they also changed the budget TV industry with great products at a cheap price.

Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI is one of the models from their TV lineup with a host of features available to you at half the price compared to other brands. 

Let’s see how this TV performs in real world situations. Before that, have a quick overview of the basic specifications.

Basic Specifications

Screen Size43 Inch (108 cm)
ResolutionFull HD (1920×1080)
Operating SystemAndroid TV
Internal Storage8 GB
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Display TechnologyLED
Speaker Output20 W
Image Contrast Ratio40000:1
HDMI Ports3
USB Ports3

How’s the Display & Picture Quality of Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI?

Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI comes with a 43 inch Full HD display panel with maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 that allows  you to play high quality content from youtube or other streaming services and DTH services.

With a perfect balance of contrast and brightness, Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI reproduces authentic colours and excellent clarity, giving you an immersive viewing experience.

Mi uses an IPS LED display that provides a 180 degree wide viewing angle. The powerful 64-bit A53 Quad-core processor provides stunning picture quality and colour accuracy.

If you are a traditional TV channel viewer, you don’t need 4K and this TV is a perfect choice for you. You get perfect image quality for a very reasonable price.

With 7th generation imaging engines, you can enjoy reduced noise, professionally calibrated picture quality and a rich range of colors with every single frame.

Overall, Mi 43 inch Full HD Smart TV has a good display and image quality comparable to more expensive models from other brands.

How’s the Audio & Sound of Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI?

Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI has a two speaker configuration that delivers an average sound experience that’s more than sufficient for this price range.

The two speakers combined deliver 20 watts audio output that fills small to medium sized rooms efficiently. The DTS-HD mode delivers a stunning surround sound with clear dialogues separated from the background music.

TV comes with multiple sound modes like music, movies, sports, games, etc so that you can experience perfect balanced audio in all situations.

How’s the Operating System performance of Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI?

Mi chose Google’s Android TV platform similar to all those low cost smart TVs in the market who don’t have the R&D to develop an OS on their own.

As we already said, Android TV is not the best OS for TVs compared to linux based systems used in other brands, but there is a clear future for Android TV since it is developed and owned by Google.

This TV runs on the latest release Android TV 9.0 that comes with a host of smart features and applications.

Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI is pre-loaded with applications including YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. Additionally, you can download as many apps as possible from the 5000+ app collection with only limitation on storage space.

Mi’s homepage is called PatchWall 3.0 and it curates contents from 30+ content providers or applications like Youtube, Prime, etc. 

On clicking the content on PatchWall, it plays right away without redirecting to corresponding apps, so it saves a lot of time.

Another important feature in this TV OS is the presence of Google Data Saver that helps you easily access Android TV’s smart tv features using your phone hotspot.

Android TV also offers a full voice search feature with the introduction of Google Assistant in their latest version updates. Also, built in chromecast helps you to stream your smartphone content directly on TV without any connection hustle.

How’s the Design & Build Quality of Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI?

Out of the box, the TV looks really simple with a sleek and modern design that provides a minimalistic atmosphere. The near zero bezel makes your TV look like a display on the wall.

With stand, the physical dimensions of the TV is 97 X 8.66 X 56.7 cm (W x D x H) with 7.6 Kg weight. If you are self installing, you should get a helper for support because it is pretty heavy.

The TV chassis is made from good quality plastic that seems to be durable for years to come if handled with care.

All the electronic components are placed on the bottom chin at the back. So it is easy to hide all the cable behind the TV without obstructing the experience.

The TV remote is very simple with just a few buttons. It includes quick access buttons for Amazon Prime and Netflix along with a volume button and google assistant button.

Also, you don’t need a voltage stabilizer because it has a circuit board to protect the appliance from voltage fluctuations.

What are the Positives of Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI?

  • Good picture quality in FHD
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Android TV OS
  • 5000+ App collection
  • Netflix and Prime Video quick access in remote
  • Google assistant voice control
  • PatchWall 3.0 reduces Android’s sluggishness
  • Google Data Server
  • Premium design
  • Cheap price
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty

What are the Negatives of Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI?

  • Build quality could be better
  • OS sluggish at times

Verdict: Should you buy Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI?

Overall, Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI provides a good picture quality in Full HD in the asking price range.

If you don’t watch 4K content, then no need to waste money on expensive 4K models. This is the perfect TV for those who majorly watch DTH or cable channels.

We definitely recommend it to anyone who wants the best 43 inch smart TV in the sub 25K price range and we are sure that you’ll love it.

4. Samsung UA43AUE60AKLXL  

Samsung along with Sony and LG constitute the 90 percent of India’s premium TV market. But that doesn’t stop them from launching lower budget TVs for middle class customers.

The Crystal series from Samsung is aimed at upper middle class consumers who have the caliber to spend more than 40K for a TV.

Crystal series has only 4K models and their predecessor Wondertainment Series has HD, and FHD screens so that they can cover a wide range of consumers.

As of 2021, 4K models are available in 43, 50, 55 and 65 inch screen sizes.

Let’s get the basic speccifications out of the way before exploring the picture quality and other details.

Basic Specifications

Screen Size43 Inch (108 cm)
Resolution4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Storage Space8 GB
Display TechnologyIPS LED
HDMI Ports3
USB Ports2
Speaker Output20 Watts

How’s the Display & Picture Quality of Samsung UA43AUE60AKLXL?

All the Samsung TV displays are made by Samsung Display LTD, a subsidiary of Samsung Inc which makes high quality displays for them and other brands. 

Majority of the small scale TV brands buy displays from Samsung and that shows their displays are top notch in a reasonable price.

Coming to this TV, it has a 4K UHD display panel that has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels that can play native 4K content from streaming services without any software adjustments.

The 4K displays in Crystal series are called Crystal Display 4K by Samsung and it really lives by its name. The 4K images out of this display is crystal clear and can be compared to the Sony model (#1).

But when it comes to upscaling the Full HD or HD content, the TV is not as good as we expected and that’s why Sony is above this model in our list. 

All the processing works are done by their advanced Crystal Processor 4K, specifically made for rendering accurate 4K images with high contrast ratio and natural rich colors.

The TV also supports HDR10+, so you can experience high dynamic range contents from Netflix and Prime Video without any loss of quality.

How’s the Audio & Sound of Samsung UA43AUE60AKLXL?

Historically, Samsung TVs were ditched for their low quality audio even in their premium TVs. But the argument is not valid anymore.

It seems Samsung has mastered the art of placing good audio in the advanced generation slim TV sets. 

It has a multi channel audio configuration which delivers 20 watts audio combined. The high quality audio is very rich and can fill a medium sized room with ease.

This TV can deliver audio in Dolby Digital Plus format, if the content is encoded in similar format. Like every other model, it also has multiple audio modes like Cinema, Game, Music, etc which enhances the sound for different situations.

How’s the Operating System performance of Samsung UA43AUE60AKLXL?

Samsung is another brand that competes with Google Android TV platform along with LG.

Over time, Samsung perfected it’s own linux based TV operating system called Tizen OS. It is one of the smoothest TV OS we’ve ever tested. 

If we have to compare the big three TV OS, without any doubt Tizen will bag the top spot followed by LG’s WebOs and then Android TV.

It comes with all the necessary apps preloaded. It includes Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Spotify, Gaana Plus, etc. Also, you get 1 year of Gaana Plus subscription for free if you buy any Samsung TV with Tizen OS.

It has a Home Cloud storage feature which can be used to store your photos and videos safe with utmost privacy.

If you are a fan of voice assistants, then you’ll be happy to know that Tizen OS comes with three voice assistants including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung’s own Bixby.

How’s the Design & Build Quality of Samsung UA43AUE60AKLXL?

Samsung’s products are always known for its premium minimalistic design and Crystal Series TVs are no exception.

It comes with a durable chassis with minimal bezels around the display. In fact, Samsung Wondertainent 4K TVs have the smallest bezels in 43 inch TVs.

The build quality of this TV is exceptional for this price range. The design and look give this a definitive luxury feeling.

The TV has an omnibalance design at the back. It has two V shape stands similar to previous models. You can wall mount, if that’s your preference. But remember, there is not much provision for cable management.

What are the Positives of Samsung UA43AUE60AKLXL?

  • Excellent picture quality in 4K
  • Dolby Digital virtual surround sound
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Clean and responsive Tizen OS
  • 100+ applications available for download
  • Voice search with Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby
  • Premium design with minimal bezels
  • Top class build quality
  • Reasonable price
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • 1 year extended warranty available

What are the Negatives of Samsung UA43AUE60AKLXL?

  • Upscaled content could be better
  • Less app collection in Tizen OS

Verdict: Should you buy Samsung UA43AUE60AKLXL?

Overall, Samsung Crystal Series 4K TV provides supreme picture quality in native 4K and above average upscaled quality. 

TizenOS from Samsung is very minimal, responsive, lightweight and ultra fast compared to Android TV OS, but the number of apps collection is less. 

If you have a budget range near 40K and need a 4K UHD TV, you can purchase this TV without any second thought.

5. Sanyo Kaizen XT-43UHD4S

If you are on a tight budget, but want a 4K UHD TV? Don’t look further! Sanyo Kaizen 4K Android TV is your best choice.

Sanyo is a subsidiary of Panasonic focusing on budget TVs. Sanyo Kaize series is a smart TV lineup for budget conscious customers with models consisting of 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches.

Check out all the basic specifications of this TV before going deep into the benefits and features it offers.

Basic Specifications

Screen Size43 Inch (108 cm)
Resolution4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Operating SystemAndroid TV
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Inbuilt Storage16 GB
Display TechnologyIPS LED
Speaker Output20 W
HDMI Ports3
USB Ports2

How’s the Display & Picture Quality of Sanyo Kaizen XT-43UHD4S?

The display on this device is a 43 inch 4K UHD panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 4000:1 that makes the colours look good and images and videos feel vibrant.

Since it uses an A+ IPS LED display panel, the TV can be viewed without any colour shift up to 178 degrees. The 60Hz refresh rate ensures that the visuals are smooth even during fast paced scenes.

This TV supports both HDR 10 and HLG formats which accurately reproduces over 1.07 billion colours with crystal clear picture clarity even from any viewing angle.

The revolutionary Micro dimming technology analyses the videos in 1296 separate zones and adjusts the brightness and darkness in every zone to produce optimal picture quality..

Even if your content is not in 4K, the quad core CPU and triple core GPU along with the help of multiple algorithms upscale the HD content to improve the quality. Upscaling is not great as compared to other expensive models, but it is good for the asking price.

How’s the Audio & Sound of Sanyo Kaizen XT-43UHD4S?

Most of the budget TV manufacturers won’t give much importance to the native audio output. But Sanyo is not one among them.

The Sanyo Kaizen TV lineup has a two speaker audio configuration that delivers a total 20 watts of powerful audio that is more than enough for the majority of medium sized rooms.

If your audio input has Dolby format, this TV can deliver output in immersive Dolby Digital surround sound format which no other TVs in this price range offers.

With the Audio Link Bluetooth technology, you can seamlessly connect your smartphone to the TV and enjoy music from your phone through the loud powerful speakers of your TV. You can turn off the display during music and save energy.

How’s the Operating System performance of Sanyo Kaizen XT-43UHD4S?

This TV comes with the latest Google Android TV 9.0 platform with access to thousands of different applications with the security and support from Google.

Popular streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee5, etc are prebuilt and all you have to do is login and enjoy your favorite movies or sports. 

The TV remote has quick access buttons for Google Play, YouTube, Zee5 and Netflix which will take you to respective applications without going through the menu system.

Android TV also offers a full voice search feature with the introduction of Google Assistant in their latest version updates. The remote has a quick voice search button to initiate the process.

Also, built in chromecast helps you to stream your smartphone content directly on TV without any connection hustle.

How’s the Design & Build Quality of Sanyo Kaizen XT-43UHD4S?

The models from Sanyo Kaizen 4K UHD TV lineup follow the same minimal bezel design similar to all other manufacturers of 2021.

It comes with two simple side stands and a wall mount adaptor which can be used, if you prefer wall mounting. Wall mounting service will be provided by Sanyo service center at no additional cost to you.

The whole body is made up of plastic and it is expected. But the quality of plastic is not up to the mark. Also, the display is very delicate compared to Mi TV or TCL in this price range.

With stand, the physical dimensions of the TV is 96.7 X 8.7 X 56.3 cm (L x W x H) with 6 Kg weight. It is very light compared to other models in our list.

To protect from voltage fluctuations, it has an internal circuit board similar to all other LED TVs on the market.

What are the Positives of Sanyo Kaizen XT-43UHD4S?

  • Amazing picture quality in 4K
  • Dolby Digital 20 watts audio
  • A+ Grade IPS panel
  • AndroidTV OS
  • Netflix and Prime Video quick access in remote
  • Google Voice Search
  • Minimalistic design
  • Very cheap price
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty

What are the Negatives of Sanyo Kaizen XT-43UHD4S?

  • Upscaled content could be better
  • Average build quality
  • Delicate display panel

Final Verdict

Overall, Sanyo Kaizen 4K UHD TV lineup provides an opportunity for budget conscious customers to own and experience 4K TV at a very low cost compared to what other brands are offering. 

Since this model runs on Google’s Android TV platform, the future updates are guaranteed. 

We recommend this TV to anyone who is thinking of buying a 4K TV in the 20K price range. It definitely deserves a spot in the list of best 43 inch smart TV in India.

Best 43 Inch Smart TV In India – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is best 43 inch smart TV?

As of 2021, Sony Bravia KD-43X74 is the best 43 inch smart TV in India if you can pay the asking price. But if you are a budget consumer, you can look at LG 4K UHD Smart TV or Sanyo Kaizen Series 4K Smart Android TV.

For people who are looking for Full HD TVs, Mi TV 4A|L43M6-EI is the best choice.

Is 43 inch good for 4k?

Nowadays,4K UHD TVs are available from 40 inches and we feel 43 inches is definitely good for 4K. It provides a crystal clear image even if you sit very close to it, because more pixels are squeezed into the display compared to 65 or 55 inches. 

Also, the price of a 43 inch TV will be very less compared to larger versions. So a 43 inch 4K UHD TV is a perfect balance between picture quality and price.

How far should you sit from a 43 inch 4k TV?

From a 43 inch TV you should sit somewhere between 3.3 and 5.5 feets away from the display. As a general rule of thumb, a person should sit between 1 and 1.5 times the diagonal width of the screen which translates to the above value for a 43 inch 4K TV.

How to choose the resolution for 43-inch LED TVs?

Since the prices of 4K TVs are coming down, the best resolution for 43 inches TVs is 4K UHD with 3840 x 2160 pixels. But it should depend on your usage patterns and region where you live.

In a country like India where 90 percent of people watch traditional TV channels that are either SD or HD via cable or DTH, you will be satisfied with a Full HD TV. But if someone who watches predominantly 4K content from streaming services or YouTube, then 4K is the best bet.

Is a 43 inch TV big enough for a bedroom?

Yes, a 43 inch TV is big enough for the majority of bedrooms. But it is a subjective decision based on the size of your room and the TVs distance from the head position of your bed. 

Please read our comprehensive TV Buying Guide for seeing which TV size suits your room based on the room sizes.

If you have any other questions regarding 43 inch smart TVs, you can ask it in the comment section. Our team will guide you to clear the doubts as fast as possible.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing a new product for your home is always a mixed experience. You are happy that a new device is coming to your home, but at the same time you are confused while selecting the best one!

We hope that this article really helped you in clearing some of your doubts. If you have already decided your pick, we are very happy and would like to know which model impressed you.

Please leave a comment with the reason so that other readers can also benefit.

Still struggling to find a model? You can refer to our similar articles.

Or leave a comment below with your requirements and our team of experts will provide you with customized suggestions.

For now, thanks for reading. Have a happy shopping experience.


  1. Hi gdevng really too good above article…but now a days so many brands available in market at the same time less price in best features also available like Realme, OnePlus,VU,Kodak……. If please give a full best information and comparison of above brands please.. bcz so many people want to buy above 43 inches in above 1+,rlme,vu, Kodak
    I hope we get as soon as possible

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      In this article, we curated a list of the ultimate best options and not budget models. If you are looking for budget models, check out our budget specific articles where we cover products from brands like OnePlus, Vu, Kodak, etc.

  2. Very nice and useful article, well described about brands and also budget range.
    Appreciate your detailed description.
    Thank you so much !!

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