Best Sony Home Theaters In India

Top 5 Best Sony Home Theater System (Soundbars) In India (July 2023)

Sony is one of the pioneers in the world’s consumer and professional audio industry with decades of expertise started from the iconic Walkman.

In India, if people think about TV and home theater systems, it’s no wonder that the first brand that comes to their mind is Sony!

Sony launched a lot of home theater systems in such a way that it is very confusing for the consumers to choose a perfect model. 

So, to help you guys choose the best model, we did intensive research including testing multiple models and came up with a list of the best Sony home theater systems in India.

If you are short on time, here are the top models that we recommend.

Overall Best

Sony HT-S40R
Sony HT-S40R

Best Budget

Sony HT-S350
Sony HT-S20R

Best Mid-Range

Sony HT-S500RF

In our research, we analyzed and compared all the home theater models Sony has in its latest Indian portfolio. 

Also, to ensure that we recommend only the best of best, we analysed 200+ customer reviews from multiple e-commerce platforms and consumer review forums.

Now, let’s have a detailed review of each of the models mentioned above plus a couple of other models that excelled during our best sony soundbar review process.

Best Sony Home Theater Systems In India

  1. Sony HT-S40R – Overall Best
  2. Sony HT-S20R – Best Alternative
  3. Sony HT-S500RF – Best For Large Rooms
  4. Sony SA-D40 – Cheapest Best
  5. Sony HT-Z9F – Best High End

Nowadays, the traditional speaker set home theater systems are rare and the industry is evolving into soundbar systems. This is pretty evident from the fact that out of 6 home theaters in the above table, 5 of them are soundbar home theater systems.

Before moving forward, let me make a point clear. Sony is a premium brand, their soundbars are expensive and all the soundbar models in this article costs more than 15K.

So, if you are a budget-conscious customer, check out our dedicated articles on, best soundbar under 10000, best soundbar under 20000 in India, and best soundbar under 30000 in India.

Now, let’s have a detailed review of each of those models from the list of best Sony home theater systems in India.

1. Sony HT-S40R

If you have a budget range under 20K, then there are not many Sony home theaters available and this is the best you can get for that price range.

As of 2022, Sony HT-S40R 5.1 is the highest-selling and top-rated soundbar home theatre system in Indian e-commerce platforms and our retail partners.

It doesn’t have tech savvy features like Dolby Atmos, but has all the necessary features to provide you an unmatched audio experience compared to other brands.

Sony HT-RT40 is a spin-off of this model with the same soundbar and subwoofers. The difference is in external speakers. HT-S40R comes with normal small wall-mountable speakers, whereas HT-RT40 comes with portable Tall Boy speakers.

Before diving deep into the audio features and benefits, let’s have a quick overview of the basic specifications this soundbar possesses.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output600 W
Sound Channel5.1
Surround SoundYes
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

The 5.1 channel surround sound along with Dolby Digital gives you an immersive experience while watching your favourite movie or action sports. 

The massive 600 Watts sound output gives the experience of a cinema theatre inside your home.

The rear speakers and an external subwoofer work with a 3 channel soundbar to deliver perfect cinematic surround sound, and the S-Master digital amplifier ensures every sound coming out of the box is in perfect sync.

The soundbar and two rear speakers deliver a balanced wide-frequency audio response and the external subwoofer adds more bass to deliver a rich audio output that gives you goosebumps.

Note: For experiencing 5.1 channel surround sound you should ensure that the content you’re playing has 5.1 channel output.

Port & Connections

Sony HT-S40R 5.1 sound bar comes with all the necessary ports and connectivity options you ever need. 

It has NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to connect with smartphones or other devices without any wires. All you have to do is touch the N mark on the subwoofer with your NFC enabled smartphone or other devices and start playing your music.

If you don’t have NFC, then you can manually pair your phone with bluetooth and enjoy the music wirelessly.

With HDMI ARC, audio is carried back to the soundbar from compatible TVs, without the need for audio cable. So, every device connected to the TV can now be heard through the multi bar and no need to connect each device separately.

Apart from these connections, it also comes with USB ports and optical input for easy connection to USB devices and DVD or Blu-Ray players that provide optical output.


  • Balanced audio quality
  • Rich bass
  • Dolby Digital
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Subwoofer included
  • NFC and Bluetooth
  • USB, HDMI and Optical ports
  • Good build quality 
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Extended warranty available


  • Subwoofer build quality could’ve improved

Final Verdict

Sony HT-S40R 5.1 channel soundbar comes with all the necessary features you expect in a soundar in this price range. With a massive 600 watts sound output with 5.1 channel surround sound and dolby digital, this soundbar is arguably the best soundbar under 20000 in India.

If you want to save an extra thousand bucks, then you can choose Sony HT-S20R which comes with a 2.1 channel surround sound. Except the lack of USB port, it has all the features you need in a mid range soundbar with a subwoofer.

2. Sony HT-S20R

Sony HT-S20R is an entry-level soundbar home theater system for budget-conscious customers. This can be considered as a spinoff or less expensive brother of HT-S40R, the highest-selling and top-rated Sony home theater in India.

It is a 5.1 channel soundbar with two speakers and a subwoofer. It has some of the standard audio features like Dolby Digital, Surround Sound, etc which most of the models in this price range provide.

Let’s see how the audio from this model performs. Without going further deep, let’s analyse the basic specifications first.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output400W
Sound Channel5.1
Dolby FormatDolby Digital
Surround SoundYes
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

As I already said, Sony HT-S20R is an entry level soundbar home theater. So the quality out of it should not be compared with other expensive models in our list.

This soundbar delivers a cinematic surround sound experience enriched with rich and deep bass. All this is achieved with the 5.1 multi channel output provided by a 3 channel soundbar, 2 external speakers and one subwoofer.

It delivers a combined audio output of 400 Watts which is more than enough for giving you a room-filling audio even if you have a fairly large room or hall.

To further enhance your audio experience, it can deliver audio in Dolby Digital sound format if your input audio supports.

Similar to its expensive brothers, it also comes with different optimized sound modes for different situations. These include Auto, Standard, Cinema, Music, Night and Voice modes.

Now let’s see what all connections and ports this home theater provides.

Port & Connections

Sony HT-S20R 5.1 channel soundbar home theater comes with all the industry standard ports and connectivity options that most of the models in this price range provide.

You can connect your TV with the soundbar in three ways. If you prefer wireless connection, then pair your TV with the soundbar using Bluetooth connectivity.

On the other hand, if you prefer a robust wired connection, then connect it with the HDMI ARC port. If no free HDMI port is available, then you can use analog audio input or optical port.

To connect your smartphone with the soundbar to experience your music, Bluetooth is the best option.

Apart from these connections, it also comes with a USB port so that you can play music from your old USB music players or USB memory disks and drives.


  • Excellent audio quality for the price
  • Rich and deep bass
  • Supports Dolby Digital format
  • 5.1 channel surround sound
  • 400 Watts maximum audio output
  • HDMI ARC, USB, Optical and AUX ports
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Simple design and good build quality 
  • Reasonable price
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Extended warranty available


  • Surround sound need to be improved

Final Verdict

Sony HT-S20R is a great home theater soundbar system from Sony to experience Dolby Digital audio for people who have set a budget below 20K.

Also, it delivers 400 Watts audio and it is perfect for people who have medium to large-sized rooms or halls. 

Since it is a spin-off version of the Sony HT-S40R (#1 on this list), we highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quality soundbar/home theater in this price range.

3. Sony HT-S500RF

Sony HT-S500RF is a premium soundbar home theater system from Sony specifically made for large rooms and halls.

It delivers a massive 1000 Watts sound output in Dolby Digital and DTS format which is ideal for halls like mini video rooms at schools or similar places.

Before seeing how it performs, let’s get the specifications first. After that we’ll discuss its audio quality, ports and connections, positives and negatives.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output200 W
Sound Channel5.1
Dolby FormatDolby Digital
Surround SoundYes
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

The 3-channel soundbar along with a subwoofer and two powerful rear speakers create an authentic 5.1 channel surround sound experience that matches with cinema theaters.

It has a diamond shaped grill design on speaker mesh, that maximises the aperture ratio to deliver higher sound pressure.

It delivers a combined audio output of a massive 1000 Watts with the help of two rear speakers, subwoofer and soundbar. 

The soundbar has two 1 inch tweeters at both ends to reproduce high frequency. The 18 cm powerful subwoofer ensures to provide a thrilling and clear bass irrespective of what content you are watching.

To further enhance your audio experience, it comes with support for both Dolby Digital as well as DTS sound format so that you get a movie theater experience right in your home.

Port & Connections

Other than Wi-Fi connectivity, Sony HT-S500RF comes with all the ports and connectivity options you ever need to hook any device of your choice.

To connect with TV, you can use either HDMI, Bluetooth, Optica port or analog audio input port depending on your choice.

But to experience both Dolby Digital and DTS sound formats, you need to connect with either HDMI ARC or Bluetooth.

If you are someone who has a huge collection of songs in any of the USB powered drives, then you can hook it up with the USB port and enjoy the audio experience.


  • Excellent clear audio
  • Thumping bass
  • 1000 watts massive audio output
  • Dolby Digital and DTS support
  • Real 5.1 channel surround sound
  • HDMI ARC, USB, Optical and Analog ports
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great design and build quality 
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Extended warranty available


  • Expensive

Final Verdict

If you want to experience out of the world shattering audio experience similar to movie theaters, then this is the model for you. 

But keep in mind the 1000 watts audio is extremely loud, so make sure your room is soundproof otherwise neighbours will always complain.

4. Sony SA-D40

Sony SA-D40 is a different product compared to all other products in this list. This is a multimedia speaker system without a soundbar.

This is not a typical home theater system with surround sound and other audio technologies. But you can use it as a home theater system with your TV to experience a better audio compared to what your TV delivers.

Let’s analyze the basic specifications, audio quality and other benefits this model offers, so that you can decide whether it is for you or not.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output80 W
Sound Channel4.1
Dolby FormatNo
Surround SoundNo
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

Sony SA-D40 is one of their entry level home theater speaker systems in India that will enhance the audio experience compared to what your TV already has.

This is a 4.1 home theater system with 4 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer. The large subwoofer delivers crisp and punchy bass that can be compared with more expensive soundbars from other brands.

This model can deliver a maximum of 80 watts sound output from 4 10 watts speakers and 40 watts subwoofer. It is more than enough to fill a medium sized room or hall. 

Overall, for the price you pay, Sony SA-D40 is a capable home theater system with average audio quality and powerful bass

Port & Connections

Sony SA-D40 is one of their oldest models. So it does not feature any advanced connectivity options.

But still you can connect this home theater with your TV, computers, smartphones, etc. If you prefer wireless connectivity, then Bluetooth can be used to connect the speaker system. 

If not, you can use the analog audio input to connect your TV. It has a USB port, so that you can connect USB drives to play your stored music.


  • Good audio quality
  • Great  bass
  • 80 Watts maximum audio output
  • USB and Audio ports
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Simple design and build quality 
  • Reasonable price
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Extended warranty available


  • Little outdated
  • No HDMI and Optical port

Final Verdict

Sony SA-D40 is a good home theater speaker system from Sony for people who can’t afford expensive models.

If you have a medium sized room, a budget under 10000 and want a Sony system, then we definitely recommend this model. But keep in mind, it is not a future proof option because it lacks HDMI connectivity.

Understanding the limitations of a model before purchasing it is important, because otherwise you’ll feel sad after purchasing it.

5. Sony HT-Z9F

Sony HT-Z9F is one of Sony’s premium home theater systems with a soundbar. 

If money is not a concern and you want the best possible audio experience from Sony, then this is the model you should get.

It comes equipped with all the latest generation audio technologies like Dolby Atmos, Virtual DTS X, support for High-Res Audio, built-in Chromecast, etc so that you get an outstanding immersive experience.

It has a lot to offer, but before going deep into all the benefits and functionalities let’s have a quick overview of all the basic specifications first.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output400 W
Sound Channel3.1
Dolby FormatDolby Atmos
Surround SoundYes
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

From all the soundbar home theater systems we’ve ever analyzed (and tested), Sony HT-Z9F is the only model that gave stiff competition to Bose soundbars, the global leader.

It delivers a stunning 3.1 channel Dolby Atmos sound that creates a virtual audio atmosphere to depict objects moving overhead very realistically.

Vertical Surround Engine, Sony’s latest technology lets you enjoy Dolby Atmos from a single sound bar unit without additional surround speakers. 

Even if the input audio does not have surround sound, Sony’s advanced digital processing system converts it to immersive surround sound. All you have to do is to press the Vertical S button in the remote.

The massive 400 Watts S-Force Pro Front Surround Sound output converts your home into a cinema theater that gives the perfect atmosphere for watching bass rich action and adventure movies.

Apart from all these features, it has different modes for Cinema, Music, Game, News and Sports, so that you get the immersive out of the world experience whatever you watch.

It also supports High-Res audio formats, that gives you the music experience closer to what musicians intended to deliver. If your input audio is not in High-Res format, Sony’s DSEE HX processing will digitally enhance your existing music to match the quality of High-Res audios. 

Overall, if you want the best audio quality money can buy, the Sony HT-Z9F is the best bet. Now, let’s talk about the ports and connectivity options this home theater offers.

Port & Connections

Sony HT-Z9F 3.1 channel Dolby Atmos sound bar comes with all the necessary ports and connectivity options you need to connect any device.

The soundbar home theater system comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can connect your TV or optional speakers wirelessly without any hustle. Also, Wireless multiroom connection is possible with this soundbar.

Since it has WiFi connectivity, you can connect and voice control the soundbar with the Alexa or Google Assistant enabled smart devices.

Alternatively, if you prefer a robust wired connection with TV, then you can use either HDMI ARC, optical input or Analog audio ports. But keep in mind that optical and analog ports do not support Dolby Atmos sound format.

You can use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone or tablet effortlessly. Also, the built-in chromecast feature lets you stream content directly from your Android device. If you use the Spotify music app, you can wirelessly stream your music from your phone by just connecting to home Wi-Fi.

Now you’ve seen all the benefits and features Sony HT-Z9F has to offer. Let’s see the overall pros and cons, so that you can easily decide whether it is for you or not.


  • Robust audio quality
  • Stimulated Dolby Atmos
  • Immersive surround sound with Vertical S
  • Powerful bass with sub woofer
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Wireless music streaming with Spotify
  • Support for High-Res audio
  • Premium design and build quality
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Extended warranty available


  • Very expensive

Final Verdict

Sony HT-Z9F 3.1 channel soundbar comes with all the advanced generation audio technologies to give you a cinema theater like experience in your home. 

It scores high in all the parameters like audio quality, rich bass, Dolby Atmos quality, surround sound experience, connectivity options, build and design, future proofing, etc.

We definitely recommend this model to anyone, if you can spend the asking price. Sony HT-Z9F deserves to be in the first spot in our list of best Sony home theater systems in India.

Best Sony Home Theaters – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before wrapping up this article, let’s answer some of the common questions that are related to home theater systems, specifically Sony home theater systems.

Which is the best Sony home theater system?

As of 2022, Sony HT-Z9F 3.1 Ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar System is the Sony best home theater system available in Indian market. If it is expensive for you, you can consider choosing either Sony HT-S40R 5.1 Ch Dolby Digital Soundbar or Sony SA-D40 4.1 Channel Speaker System depending on your budget.

Is Sony a good brand for home theaters?

Yes, Sony is a good brand if you are considering purchasing a new home theater. Infact, Sony is the largest audio and video brand in terms of market size and countries of operation.

What is the warranty policy of Sony in India?

Sony India offers a comprehensive 1 year warranty for most of its products including home theaters. This includes all the manufacturing defects and other related issues. It does not cover normal wear and tear, accidental damages, etc.

Does Sony home theaters have good service in India?

Yes, Sony home theaters get good after sales service in India. Sony has service centers in more than 400 Indian cities. Overall, the service sector in India is not that great compared to other countries, but still the quality of service you get from Sony service centers is average compared to any other brands that are relatively new to the market.

Is it safe to purchase Sony home theaters online?

Yes, there is no doubt that online shopping is booming in India especially electronics and lifestyle products. With global players like Amazon and Walmart owned Flipkart, people are buying everything online without any trust issues. You can definitely buy home theaters from online stores and it will be delivered to your door step with care and safety.

Apart from these, if you have any questions feel free to ask it in the comments section. We’ll answer it as fast as possible to clear your doubts.

Wrapping Up

So, let’s wrap up the list of the best Sony home theaters in India. I believe this article really helped you to choose the perfect Sony home theater/soundbar for your home.

If you already decided your choice, then great! I’ll be delighted to know which model you chose. If you have time, feel free to leave a comment below with the reason so that it can benefit other readers also.

Still not able to find the perfect model for you? Don’t worry! Check out some of our related articles that may help you.

Still something is holding back? It’s natural! 

Leave a comment below with your requirements and our team of experts will guide you to choose the best Sony home theater for your home.

Thanks for reading. Wish you a wonderful shopping experience.

Legal Disclaimer: All the opinions provided in this article are the personal opinion of the author and should not be considered as facts. All the product images are taken from the official sources for informational purpose and HomeSet does not own any copyright or ownership. You are not allowed to use any images with HomeSet logo either as “full” or “part” outside of this website. For more legal information, visit our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure pages.


  1. Passion for music (genres including bollywood, 90′ songs, and mainly Kirtan (Bhajans)
    Budget around 20,000.
    Not a heavy bass lover.
    Need good output from surround satellite speakers too.
    Liking ht rt3.
    Short listed ht rt3, ht s20r, also zebronics 9700 pro bcz saw positive reviews on youtube.
    Pls give advice keeping in all points i told above
    Thanks in advance ????

    1. Greetings from HomeSet Team.

      Based on your requirements, we feel that both Sony HTRT3 and HTS20R will suit your needs very well. But, if I have to choose one, I will go with Sony HTRT3 any day because of it’s excellent bass and high audio output.

      Note: We didn’t get a chance to test Zebronics 9700 Pro, so we cannot provide an opinion.

      Thank you and wish you a wonderful shopping experience.

  2. Hello,
    I heard very very positive results for sony ht s500 rf 1000 watts 5.1
    Can u help me by telling about it something? Like how are it’s
    Surround speakers,
    Can we use mic in it for karaoke (or which model in sony supports mic)
    As per my knowledge only dz 350 has mic input and rest all models has analog input, so can we connect mic in that?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Vinoth.

      We always keep our articles up to date with the latest models. Sony BDV N 9200W is a relatively old model. It was launched way back in 2014 and it’s currently not available in stores.


      Thanks & Regards,
      HomeSet Team

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Sony Muteki HTDDW7500 is an old model launched in 2009 which is not available currently.

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