Best Soundbar Under 30000 In India

5 Best Soundbar Under 30000 In India (February 2023)

If you are in the market for a soundbar, then you probably know they are available in a wide variety of budget ranges.

And surfing through the endless list of different models in your favorite ecommerce store is definitely no fun. 

In order to help consumers like you to make a quick purchase, we’ve decided to do the research and testing so that you can find the best models in different price ranges and categories effortlessly.

In this article, we’re going to share with you the list of best soundbars under 30000 in India.

Without any more fluff, let’s get straight into the list.

Best Soundbar Under 30000 In India

  1. Overall Best : Sony HT-S40R
  2. Best Smart : Yamaha YAS-109
  3. Dolby Atmos : Zebronics Zeb-Jukebar 9800
  4. Good Bass : JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass
  5. Also Great : Bose TV Speaker

Disclaimer: If the price or price range of any of the products is mentioned in this article, then it is based on the date we reviewed the product and it may vary frequently. HomeSet or our e-commerce partners are not responsible for future changes.

Keep in mind that this article contains only models in the price range of 20000 to 30000 Rs. If you have a different budget range, check out our soundbar library to see different budget specific articles.

Now let’s have a detailed review of each of the models mentioned on the above list of best soundbar under 30000 in India.

1. Sony HT-S40R

Sony is not a new name in the audio industry. Infact, they are one of the pioneers with more than multiple decades of experience in producing portable audio products starting from the iconic Walkmans of the 1970s.

Sony HT-S40R is one of their latest mid range soundbar systems aimed at middle and upper middle class consumers.

It comes with a lot of advanced technologies and functionalities to produce an amazing audio experience when compared to the standard TV speakers.

Let’s have a detailed analysis of all the features and benefits that you get from this model.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output600 Watts
Multi Channel5.1 Channel
SubwooferYes, External
Dolby Digital Plus
SNR72 dB
HDMI PortYes
USB PortYes
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

Sony HT-S40R is a 5.1 channel soundbar that can deliver Dolby Digital sound for an immersive experience while watching your favorite movie or action sports. 

It has a total RMS output of 600 Watts which gives the experience of a cinema theater inside your home.

The rear speakers and an external subwoofer work with a 3 channel soundbar to deliver perfect cinematic surround sound, and the S-Master digital amplifier ensures every sound coming out of the box is in perfect sync.

The soundbar and two rear speakers deliver a balanced wide-frequency audio response and the external subwoofer adds more bass to deliver a rich audio output that gives you goosebumps.

Port & Connections

Sony HT-S40R soundbar is loaded with all the useful ports and connectivity options you ever need for a seamless experience. 

It comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to connect with smartphones or other devices wireless. If your phone supports NFC connection, you just have to touch the N mark on the subwoofer with your NFC enabled smartphone or other devices and start playing your music.

If NFC is not an option on your phone, then you can manually pair your phone with bluetooth and enjoy the music wirelessly.

For robust wired connectivity, HDMI ARC is available. With this port, the audio is carried back to the soundbar from compatible TVs, without the need for an audio cable. 

So, every device connected to the TV can now be heard through the multi bar and no need to connect each device separately.

Also, if you connect your TV with HDMI ARC then you can control both soundbar and TV with a single remote.

Apart from these connections, it also comes with USB ports and optical input for easy connection to USB devices and DVD or Blu-Ray players that provide optical output.


  • Very good audio quality
  • Dolby Digital format
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • External subwoofer for extra bass
  • NFC connectivity and Bluetooth
  • USB, HDMI ARC and Optical ports
  • Fairly decent build quality 
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Extended warranty available


  • Bass could’ve been better considering the wattage

Final Verdict

Sony HT-S40R is a 5.1 channel soundbar that is loaded with all the important features and benefits you need in a soundar well under 30000 Rs. With 600 W RMS sound output along with 5.1 channel surround sound and dolby digital technologies, this soundbar is arguably one of the best soundbar under 30000 in India.

2. Yamaha YAS-109

Yamaha does not need any introduction if we are talking about audio and musical instruments. This is one of their mid range soundbar with a host of features that you won’t get in any other model in this list.

Yamaha YAS-109 is a smart soundbar with inbuilt Alexa voice search, smart home control, dual internal subwoofers, etc. 

Let’s have a quick overview of the basic specifications before going deep into all the audio features and benefits Yamaha YAS-109 has to offer.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output120 W
Surround SoundYes
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

Yamaha YAS-109 comes with an innovative feature DTS Virtual:X which delivers an exhilarating surround sound by DTS. DTS Virtual:X covers the audience with a 3D sound field that comes from all the directions around you.

The all in one soundbar contains dual subwoofers and it delivers a total of 120 Watts crystal clear audio output that is more than enough for the majority of small to medium sized rooms. 

It has multiple surround mode presets to immerse you in different experiences.

The soundbar has a special mode called Clear Voice that automatically analyzes the dialogues and delivers the output in correct volume. You don’t need to adjust the volume whenever the scene changes from dialogue to action.

Port & Connections

Yamaha YAS-109 soundbar comes with all the necessary connections and few smart controls that you never saw in any of the other models we’ve reviewed so far. 

With inbuilt Alexa voice integration you can control all the settings of the soundbar with voice commands. Also, with the Yamaha app you can use voice to control multiple smart home appliances through a sound bar.

It comes with Bluetooth connection and you can pair your smartphone or TV. Alternatively, to stream music from your smartphone you can use Spotify Connect and Amazon Music for uninterrupted playback.

Apart from bluetooth, it also comes with an HDMI port, USB port for connecting devices and an optical input for easy integration with TVs, DVD or Blu-Ray players that provide optical output. With HDMI-CEC, you can use your TV remote for controlling both the TV and soundbar.


  • Fantastic audio quality
  • Very good bass for a soundbar with internal subwoofer
  • 3D surround sound with DTS:Virtual X
  • Inbuilt Alexa voice control
  • Smart home control possible
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • HDMI CEC, USB and Optical ports
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty


  • No external subwoofer
  • Average bass compared to competition
  • Android app lacks many features

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best soundbar under 30000 with smart features, then Yamaha YAS-109 is currently the best option with a lot of exciting features like built-in Alexa support, dual subwoofers, etc. 

If you are a tech enthusiast who loves advanced features, then you will love this soundbar.

3. Zebronics Zeb-Jukebar 9800

Zebronics is a brand that’s known for their low cost products in India. Eventhough, it is cheap, their products are of decent quality and will last longer than you expect.

In the past they were focussing only on computer accessories like speakers, keyboards, etc. But when similar Indian brands like Boat started taking off after they launched soundbars and bluetooth speakers, Zebronics also entered the soundbar market with a bang.

Within months after the launch, their Jukebar series of soundbars acquired a lot of happy customers. In fact, their entire Jukebar series of soundbars have more than 15K positive reviews across multiple ecommerce platforms.

Zebronic Zeb-Jukebar 9000 Pro is a medium range soundbar with a wired subwoofer.

Let’s checkout the basic specifications and other features and benefits this model has top offer.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output120 Watts
Multi Channel2.1 Channel
SubwooferYes, External
Dolby Dolby Digital Plus
HDMI PortYes
USB PortYes
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

As I already said, the Zebronic Zeb-Jukebar 9800 is one of their premium models launched recently. It comes with a 2.1.2 channel speaker configuration so that you can experience a cinematic audio quality.

It has a quad 6.35 inch drivers and 5.08 inch dual drivers to deliver surround sound experience.

It is the only soundbar in this price range that supports Dolby Atmos sound format. We tested the Dolby Atmos capabilities of this system by watching WandaVision in Disney+Hotstar. The experience was not mind blowing, but excellent at this price range.

This soundbar has an AI algorithm that provides crystal clear audio that differentiates dialogues, ambient sounds and background music with good precision. Also, the enhanced noise control algorithm ensures that even at loud volumes there is very minimal noise.

The Zebronic Zeb-Jukebar 9800 can deliver a maximum of 450 watt RMS sound from the soundbar and subwoofer. The 16.51 cm driver present in the wireless subwoofer delivers loud  and punchy bass which is excellent for the price.

Ports & Connections

The Zebronic Zeb-Jukebar 9800 is one of their premium soundbars that comes with all the necessary ports and connectivity options you ever need.

It has a total of 3 HDMI with 1 HDMI ARC and 2 HDMI In. It is recommended to use HDMI ARC for connecting with TV. ARC provides a facility to control both TV and soundbar with a single remote.

If your TV has only one HDMI port and that is used by your set top box, then you can use the optical port or AUX port to connect.

If you prefer wireless connectivity, then Bluetooth 5.0 chipset is present.

It also comes with a USB port so that you can connect any kind of USB device like pen drives, SD card readers, seamlessly and enjoy the content.


  • Very good audio quality in standard mode
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Very good bass
  • 450 Watts sound output
  • HDMI ARC connectivity
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB and AUX ports
  • Premium look with great build quality
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty


  • Bluetooth range is less
  • Dolby Atmos is not fully functional

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best soundbar with Dolby Atmos under 30000 in India, then Zebronic Zeb-Jukebar 9800 is the only option you have. For the price you pay, it’s a complete package with excellent audio quality, average dolby atmos effect  with decent surround sound and good bass.

4. JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass

If you’re following the audio space, you probably know JBL is a well known brand. And, if you observe your friends, few of them in your group already have JBL bluetooth speakers. 

Initially JBL was launching only bluetooth speakers in the Indian market. But when they got a massive positive response, they started launching other products.

JBL Bar Deep Bass is one of their mid range soundbars with wireless subwoofers.

Have a quick overview of all the basic specifications along with detailed review on audio quality, ports and connectivity options,etc so that you can easily decide whether it will suit our needs or not.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output300 Watts
Multi ChannelYes, 2.1
SubwooferWireless External
Dolby Digital Plus
HDMI PortYes
USB PortYes
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

JBL Bar Studio Deep Bass is a 2.1 channel soundbar with a wireless subwoofer.

JBL is owned by Harman Industries which has half a century of experience in producing audio products. And that experience is shown perfectly in all the different brands owned by Harman including JBL.

JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass soundbar consists of two bass radiators and two tweeters that combined delivers a maximum of 300 watts RMS sound output. The sound quality is excellent with a clear separation between vocals and background.

As its name suggests, it delivers deep and punchy bass with the provided wireless subwoofer. You have multiple bass settings and even the medium setting can shake your room.

At low volumes, the soundbar delivers crystal clear audio. As you increase sound, sometimes the crispness and balance is lost due to loudness and high bass.

Ports & Connections

Just like all other models in this list of best soundbar under 30000, this soundbar  also has all the important ports and connectivity options you need.

These include HDMI, USB port, AUX input and optical port. As an addition, it also comes with a microphone input port which you can use if needed. 

The best way to connect your TV is by using the HDMI ARC port. If you don’t have a free HDMI port, then go for optical or AUX input.

If you want to experience Dolby Digital surround sound, you need to connect it using HDMI only.

For wireless connectivity, you can connect your devices using Bluetooth.


  • Excellent JBL signature audio
  • 2.1 3D surround sound
  • Great bass with wireless subwoofer
  • HDMI ARC connectivity
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • USB, Optical and AUX ports
  • Premium and stylish design
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty


  • Dolby sound only through HDMI
  • Quite big
  • On high volume, voice breaks sometimes

Final Verdict

If you want the best soundbar under 30000 in India with excellent bass, then JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass is one of the great choices available along with the Sony HT-S40R.

5. Bose TV Speaker

If you’re talking about audio products, then you cannot ignore Bose. Bose is considered to be one of the pioneers in the audio world with their award winning technologies.

Generally Bose products are not cheap, in fact they are crazy expensive. 

Bose TV Speaker is their cheapest soundbar. But that should not hold you back from choosing this monster. In fact, the audio it can deliver is on par with most of the other models we’ve discussed so far.

The sound bar is very small and versatile, so that it can be placed anywhere and get an immersive audio experience.

Before going deep into all the audio features and benefits this soundbar has to offer, let’s have a quick overview of the basic specifications.

Basic Specifications

Audio Output
Sound Channel2.1
Surround SoundYes
Warranty1 Year

Audio Quality

Bose TV Speaker comes with 2.1 channel configuration that gives you an excellent audio experience compared to what your TV already has.

The two full range speakers are placed in an angled way so that a waide and natural sounding experience can be delivered.

It is a tradition followed by Bose to not mention their product’s sound output in watts. They are very confident that numbers don’t matter but quality does. And, Bose is a top choice for quality.

If you have a small room, then the output from the speaker is more than enough, But, if you have a fairly large room, then the sound output may feel inadequate.

The soundbar has a special mode that automatically analyzes the sound sources and distinguishes between music and dialogues efficiently to deliver crispy audio even if dialogue volume is too low.

It has a bass control button in the remote which lets you adjust the bass according to your preference.

Port & Connections

This is where Bose upgraded the most of their previous Solo 5 Speaker. It didn’t have much port and connectivity options apart from Bluetooth, optical and analog, but Bose TV Speaker has all the connections you ever need.

You can connect your TV with either HDMI or optical port. 

Just like the competition, HDMI is CEC compatible so that your soundbar will be automatically turned On when your TV is on. Also, you can use the TV remote to control the soundbar volume.

It comes with bluetooth 5.0 chipset which is capable of robust connection up to 10 meters from the device. 

Just like any Bluetooth device, the performance will be affected if obstacles such as walls or metal, interference from Wi-Fi networks or other wireless devices happens in between.

It also comes with a USB port, analog audio port and optical port.


  • Crystal clear audio
  • Virtual Surround sound
  • Dolby Audio Decoders
  • Easy to place anywhere
  • Internal subwoofer to boost bass
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Excellent build quality
  • Analog aux port and Optical port
  • HDMI ARC and USB port
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty


  • Average bass
  • Very small

Final Verdict

If you don’t want the extra bass subwoofer provides, but want an excellent crystal clear audio quality that too from a premium brand like Bose, then look no further, Bose TV Speaker is your best choice.

Best Soundbar Under 30000 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, I will answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to the best soundbar under 30000 in India.

Which is the best soundbar under 30000 in India?

Based on multiple parameters like audio quality, ports selection and build quality, Sony HT-S40R is the overall best soundbar under 30000 in India. If you don’t want a Sony model, then Zebronics Zeb-Jukebar 9800 and JBL Bar 2.1 are very good alternatives.

Are there any soundbars with Dolby Atmos available under 30000 in India?

Dolby Atmos is considered to be a premium audio technology with a very high licensing fee. Eventhough it is mostly seen in expensive soundbars and TVs, budget brand Zebronics recently introduced Zeb Jukebar 9800 with Dolby Atmos feature. Eventhough the Dolby Atmos in this soundbar is not comparable to other expensive models, still something is better than nothing.

Are there any Bose or Sonos soundbars available under 30000 in India?

Bose and Sonos are considered to be premium brands in the sound and audio world. Bose has a basic TV speaker which is priced under 30000 whereas Sonos does not have any soundbars under 30000 in India.

If you have any questions apart from these, feel free to ask them in the comments section and someone from our team of experts will reply as fast as possible.


So, that’s all. We’ve come to the end of our list.

Based on the different parameters like sound quality, ports and connections and build quality, the overall best model is Sony HT-S40R.

For bass heavy audiences, JBL Bar2.1 Deep Bass is a great option. On the other hand, if you want to experience Dolby Atmos in this budget range, then Zebronics Zeb-Jukebar 9800 is the only available option.

If you want to explore a different budget range or simply want more options, then check out our extensive library of soundbars in different price ranges.

If you are still not convinced, leave a comment below with your requiem,ernst and someone from our team of experts will suggest you the best personalized options.

For now, thanks for reading.

Have a happy shopping experience.

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