10 Different Types Of Refrigerators In India (Explained)

If you are out there in the market looking for a new refrigerator, then you are bombarded with a lot of options!

Some say frost free refrigerators are better, while others say single door refrigerators are user friendly. 

And, in the end everyone leaves you in confusion.

If you are in such a state, worry no more! 

In this article, we’re going to break down different types of refrigerators available in India. 

We explain them in an easy to understand manner so that you can easily choose the type that suits you the best.

So, without any more fluff let’s get started.

As of 2021, all the refrigerators in India can be classified on the basis of any of these parameters,

  1. Compressor Type
  2. Defrost Type
  3. No of Doors
  4. Door Orientation

Let’s dive deeper into different types of refrigerators based on these different parameters.

Refrigerators Based On Compressor Type

Compressor is the most important component in a refrigerator. 

It is responsible for all the good things that happen in a refrigerator. It’s main job is to pump the refrigerant gas throughout the fridge to provide an evenly cooled refrigerator atmosphere.

Also, the compressor is the one part that uses most of the electricity that a refrigerator consumes.

Based on the type of compressors used, refrigerators are classified into two.

1. Inverter Refrigerators

Inverter Refrigerators are the ones that feature an inverter compressor. 

In inverter refrigerators, the compressor has the ability to run at various speeds depending on the load.

It means, if the refrigerator is half filled then the compressor will run at a slower speed and when the refrigerator is fully loaded, the compressor will run at full speed.

As a result of this variable speed operation, refrigerators with Inverter Compressor consumes very less electricity.

2. Non Inverter Refrigerators

Refrigerators that employ a non inverter compressor for cooling are known as non inverter refrigerators.

At the time of writing this article, non inverter compressors are used only in low cost refrigerators that are less than Rs 10000.

Non Inverter compressors have only two stages of operation, either full speed or off. Even if the refrigerator is full or half filled, the compressor runs at maximum speed.

As a result of this continuous operation, refrigerators with non inverter compressors consume a lot more energy than the one with inverter refrigerators.

You might save some money upfront by purchasing a non inverter refrigerator, but down the line you will pay a lot more as electricity bills. 

So, we at HomeSet highly recommend you purchase a refrigerator with an inverter compressor even if you have a very low budget.

Refrigerators Based On Defrost Type

Based on the defrost type, refrigerators are classified into two: Direct Cool and Frost Free. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, let’s tackle them one by one.

1. Direct Cool Refrigerators

As you know, circulation of cool air makes the products you keep inside the fridge chilled. And, Direct Cool refrigerators circulate the cool air inside the refrigerator naturally.

Natural circulation causes an uneven air flow and over time they build up ice in the freezer and the regions just below the freezer.

These frost needs to be manually removed frequently (we recommend weekly once). 

Manual removal does not mean you should take a knife and scratch everything! Instead, all the direct cool refrigerators will have a defrost button that lets the job done. All you have to do is press the button once a week consistently and forget.

As of now, direct cool technology is used only in single door refrigerators. And, infact manually defrosting is one of the major drawbacks of single door refrigerators.

2. Frost Free Refrigerators

As the name suggests, frost free refrigerators are free from the frost. 

Instead of natural air circulation, frost free refrigerators use electric fans to circulate the cool air to every nook of the refrigerator evenly. This process is technically called convection.

These fans are controlled by the onboard microcontroller in the fridge based on the inputs from thermostat, load balancers, etc.

Advanced frost free refrigerators have the ability to turn on and off specific fans to cool that region independently after you place a hot product.

Frost free refrigerators are harder to manufacture compared to direct cool refrigerators. And as a result of this, it is generally more expensive.

Also, only multi door refrigerators come with frost free technology.

Refrigerators Based On No. of Doors

Another common way of classifying refrigerators is based on the number of doors it has. 

Also, it is the most common way a normal person distinguishes between refrigerators. When you tell your friend that you bought a refrigerator, this may be the first question they ask.

1. Single Door Refrigerators

As its name suggests, a single door refrigerator comes with a single door. Since only one door is available, both freezer and fridge units are accessed using the same door. 

But the freezer will have an internal door so that the temperature is maintained lower than fridge space.

Also, single door refrigerators build up ice over time because of it’s direct cool technology. It is necessary that you defrost the refrigerator weekly using the manual defrost button. 

Since single door refrigerators are made with relatively easier technologies, they are less expensive.

In India, you can get a single door refrigerator for as low as 9000 Rs. And mostly single door refrigerators are available in 150 to 550 L capacities.

2. Multi Door Refrigerators

Again, from the name itself you can easily understand this category of classification.

If a refrigerator has more than one door, then it falls under the multi-door refrigerators category.

Based on a recent consumer survey, more than 90 percent of India’s sales in this category are double door models. In fact, double door refrigerators are the most sold refrigerator type in India.

These refrigerators are made with the frost free technology and you don’t need to manually defrost.

Also, since fridge space and freezer space have dedicated doors, you can open only the part that you need instead of opening the entire refrigerator.

Apart from double door refrigerators, triple and even four door refrigerators are also available in Indian market, but with a very low market share.

Multi door refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes starting from 200L to all the way up to 850L capacities. The price of the refrigerator also increases as size increases.

Refrigerators Based On Door Orientation

This classification applies only for refrigerators with two or more doors. Actually, it is a sub classification of multi door refrigerators based on their door orientations.

1. Top Freezer Refrigerators

This is the most common type of double door refrigerators. It consists of a freezer at the top and fridge space at the bottom.

Most of the brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool make their normal frost free double door refrigerator in this orientation.

2. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Even though it is very rare, there are some brands that still make double door refrigerators with  bottom mounted freezers.

As of 2021, only Haier and Whirlpool make bottom mount freezer refrigerators. If you don’t use the freezer much, then a bottom mount model is very much more convenient than a top mount model.

3. Side By Side Refrigerators

This is one of the latest additions to the Indian market inspired from the western countries.

A side by side refrigerator has two doors that looks and feels like an almirah or two door cupboard.

Even the opening and closing of the doors are similar to the traditional cupboards of India, one door towards the left and another towards the right.

Side by side refrigerators are not cheap. If you want one, be ready to spend at least a minimum of 40K.

Also, side by side refrigerators are available only in high capacity ranges. Even the smallest side by side refrigerator in India has a whopping 435 L capacity.

Recently premium brands like LG and Samsung introduced smart side by side refrigerators with water dispensers, LED displays and many more features. These refrigerators can be controlled using your smartphone from anywhere in the world., 

4. French Door Refrigerators

Another kind of refrigerator that gained traction among the high class people in India is the French Door Refrigerator. It is also a product inspired from the western world.

The door design of this refrigerator is inspired from the contemporary french styled windows.

In looks, it is similar to side by side refrigerators, but has either three or four doors.

French door refrigerators are even more expensive than side by side refrigerators. The price range starts from 60K and can go all the way up to several lakhs. It is also available only in high capacities starting from 507 Litres.


Knowing different types of refrigerators available in India is very important before you purchase one for your home.

And, we highly believe that this article gave you a brief understanding of most of the refrigerator types based on different classifying parameters. 

If you are ready to purchase the refrigerator, we highly recommend reading our in depth articles on specific categories of refrigerators so that you get the maximum value for money.

For now, thanks for reading. Have a good day.

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